Controversial Call Ends the Tight Superbowl


Down 10 points at halftime, with a re-injured ankle that has affected him throughout the playoffs, NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes walked onto the field and led the Kansa City Chiefs to a comeback victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, winning 38-35. Via a 17 point fourth quarter, with help from a controversial call, the Chiefs catapulted over the Eagles.

The Chiefs won the coin toss (it landed on tails, causing a lot of money to be lost and earned), and interestingly deferred, giving the ball to the Eagles who are known for scoring on the first possession. This held true, as quarterback Jalen Hurts marched the Eagles down the field, scoring in 11 plays, using both his arm and legs to score. The drive ended with a QB sneak, as the Eagles pushed Hurts into the endzone, a play they are known for, using it many times in the NFC championship against the 49ers.

Mahomes (Chiefs’ quarterback) came right back and led his team to a touchdown in only 6 plays, connecting with his favorite target, tight-end Travis Kelce, for an 18 yard touchdown. The first quarter ended with a 7-7 score, as the Chiefs’ kicker missed a 42 yard field goal.

The Eagles started the second with a bang, as the first play was a 45 yard touchdown pass from Hurts to wide-receiver AJ Brown. After a punt, the Chiefs’ defense quickly made a difference, forcing a fumble that was recovered for a touchdown, evening the score at 14. But, the Eagles responded, ending the first quarter with a touchdown, a forced three and out, and then a field goal to take a 24-14 lead at half.

Famed singer Rihanna performed at halftime, giving the players much more time to regroup, about 15 minutes more than regular season games. This time was needed, as Mahomes suffered an ankle injury in the Chiefs last drive before half.

The rest proved helpful though, as Kansas City started the second half with a 10 play touchdown drive, ending in a Isiah Pacecho one yard run. The Eagles answered with a field goal the next drive, bringing the score to a 27-21 mark.

To start the fourth Mahomes tossed a 5 yard touchdown to Kadarius Toney and took a one point lead. The Chiefs defense then held strong, forcing a three and out punt that Toney returned all the way to the one yard line, a crucial play that gave heavy momentum to the Chiefs. They punched it in via another Mahomes pass and secured an eight point lead.

Jalen Hurts, with his back against the wall, led an impressive 75 yard drive, ending in a two yard rush. Forced to attempt a two point conversion, Hurts took the ball himself and dove into the end zone to tie the game up once again. 

With a hurt ankle and time ticking down, Mahomes led the Chiefs down the field using QB runs to set up a pivotal 3rd and 8 at Philly’s 15 yard line. This play ended in an incomplete pass, but a flag sat on the field, and the officials ruled that Eagles’ cornerback James Bradberry held onto a Chiefs’ wide-receiver, prohibiting him from catching it. This play enraged Eagles fans as the tug from Bradberry seemed very light, or even nonexistent.

Nonetheless, the call was made, and it gave the Chiefs an automatic first down, and the opportunity to wind the clock down. They did so, kicking a game leading field goal with eight seconds left, leaving no time for the Eagles to make any attempt to score. Thus, the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl 57.

In regard to SVHS concerns, many students were disappointed with the San Francisco 49ers just missing out, but some still shared some thoughts before the big game.

What are your Super Bowl traditions?

“I watch it with my family and my mom will make onion dip.” -Nic Dimitri, Sophomore


Are you excited about Rihanna’s halftime show?”

“Yeah, I am just excited to hear Rihanna’s song” -Spencer Jacobs, Senior


What team are you rooting for, the Chiefs or the Eagles?

“The Chiefs, because my dad is from Missouri.”-Lee Scott, Junior


Are you sad that the 49ers are not in the Super Bowl?

“No, because they had injured players.” -Anthony Detorres, Sophomore