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Celebrating Sonoma State’s incoming film and art scholars
Ingrid Derby
SSU commitments
Isaac Calderon

Sonoma State University has offered a scholarship to four seniors this year, three of them being granted to SVHS seniors; Adriel Velazquez, Richie Cross, and Isaac Calderon. The scholarship was coordinated through Mr. Hansen, Video Arts teacher. SSU’s scholarship towards the arts began last year and is sponsored by the Sonoma International Film Festival. The scholarship was open to the senior class through the CCC, though Mr. Hansen recommended select students of his for special consideration.

The SSU scholarship covers four years of tuition, housing, meals, and other expenses. If the students chose off-campus housing after their freshman year, their apartment expenses would be fully covered.

Richie and Adriel were awarded the scholarship for Cinematic Arts and Technology. When applying to Sonoma State, Adriel said the hardest part “was applying for the scholarship because [he] had to write around five essays.” Richie said that once he was accepted into Sonoma State his next step was applying for

Adriel Velazquez

the scholarship. Once he was awarded the scholarship, he stated it was an “offer [he] couldn’t give up!”

Isaac was the recipient of SSU’s Fine Arts scholarship. Originally, he planned to major in English; however, Sonoma State offers double majors, so after hearing about the scholarship from his art teacher, Isaac applied for it with the help of Mr. Hansen.

Adriel, Richie, and Isaac explained that they are excited to attend a college close to home. Isaac said, “Despite what people say, I think Sonoma is cute and small and I don’t want to leave completely.” Adriel says that he will commute from home and be close to family. He said, “It’s far enough away where [he] can get a new experience but it’s close enough where [he doesn’t] have to leave everything.” Richie also stated being close to

Richie Cross

After college, Isaac plans on being a teacher or a professor, Richie strives to get a degree in filmmaking, and Adriel wants to be a writer or director in the film industry.

All these students are extremely grateful for this opportunity. They have exhibited creative talent throughout their high school careers and are all very deserving of this scholarship. Congratulations Adriel, Richie, and Isaac!

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