Keepin’ in Shape

Rollo Benstead, writer

October 19, 2020

By Rollo Benstead With the recent outbreak of COVID- 19, the athletes of SVHS need to find a way to keep in shape.Without regular practice, most athletes have created a strict regime to ensure they are fit for the return of the sea...

All SVHS Sports Pushed Back Due to COVID

Dom Girish, Sports Editor

October 12, 2020

 The board of the North Coast Section (NCS) has decided to condense what would normally be three sports seasons into two, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The decision was made to also accommodate the spacing in-between...

The NBA is in full support of the BLM movement by placing the slogan

Activism in the NBA

October 8, 2020

COVID Preventative Measures Helped Eager Travel Basketball Teams Return to Play

Dom Girish and Anders Mathison

October 8, 2020

 Across the country, different regions have begun to take preventative measures to ensure the safety and well-being of their athletes as travel sports have fallen right back into full swing.     For the student-athletes, not much has...

A Complex Relationship: Sports And The Environment – Carbon Footprints

Jack Boydell and Brian Boldt

March 7, 2019

  Often making headlines in the media due to their mass popularity, major sporting events lure infrastructure and tourism to host cities, promising numerous economic benefits.   Events like the NFL Super Bowl, Winter ...

Boys' Basketball Update

Boys’ Basketball Update

February 11, 2019

Boys’ Soccer Off To A Chilly Start

Nicolas Spanger and Max Handron

February 11, 2019

  Struck by injury, the boys’. soccer team has had an underwhelming season. The team has still yet the opportunity to play a single game since the season started with their full team.   Junior, Alan Amezquita, h...

Wrestling Team Expanding

Wrestling Team Expanding

February 11, 2019