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Looking Back On Slate 2


Throughout Slate 2’s term, they have made many changes to SVHS’s campus. They consistently tried to create an inclusive environment for everyone by uplifting and highlighting the Hispanic community. Events such as Noche Latina and Mexican Independence Day were well attended by students who would usually skip school events. 

Victoria Hernandez, student voice, opines that Noche Latina, hosted by the Boys and Girls Club, was one of Slate 2’s best events. Hernandez shares that “it was really heartwarming to be able to provide a space for Latino students to thrive.” The event featured paletas, tacos, agua fresca, and a band that played live music for students. 

Slate 2 has many accomplishments that they are proud of, such as bridging the gap between slate and the student body, and using students’ suggestions to improve school culture. Deyanira Arteaga, student activity director, says “I highlighted the contributions of minorities and showed that we all have something valuable to offer.”

Connor Cheeseman, financial advisor, ruminated on his favorite moments with Slate 2. “I would say running for slate. The campaign is just fun in general… It was all so new and so much fun. It was definitely scary, but we made the most of it.”

Arteaga acknowledges her favorite memory was “saying our goodbyes” during the recent 2024 Convention. “The audience started applauding and emotions ran high. I couldn’t help but get emotional too, feeling like we had truly fulfilled the promises we made a year ago. It was a fulfilling experience.”

Bidding the senior class farewell, Arteaga thanks her peers for their support for Slate 2. “To the Class of 2024, thank you for always being our biggest cheerleaders. I truly hope you achieve all your desires! I couldn’t have wished to have a better senior year with you all, CONGRATS!” 

Giving his closing thoughts on his senior year, Cheeseman highlighted the connections he’s made at SVHS. “I feel like growing up in Sonoma, we’ve all gotten to know each other pretty well and we’re all in some way invested in each other’s lives.” Addressing the class of 2024, “Just know you have an entire school cheering you on. Whatever you go on to do, you’ve earned it.”

Hernandez chimes in that “although a lot of us complain that Sonoma is too small and that we’re sick and tired of each other, I think we all know deep down that we all have some sort of care for one another… I can definitely say I care about every single person in this class, so good luck in your future endeavors. I would say goodbye, but I know I’m going to run into you at Lucky’s in two years, so I’ll see you at Lucky’s!”

Slate 2 has set a precedent for what slates should strive to achieve at SVHS, and the incoming Slate 3 will follow in their footsteps.

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