What Are Your Holiday Traditions?

As the holiday season approaches, yearly traditions return. With so many different holidays in such a short time, the festive spirit is in full swing, with students at SVHS celebrating a handful of holidays during this last stretch of the year. We interviewed members of the SVHS community to see their holiday traditions. 

Craig Tierney, AVID and Social Studies teacher, says his family “hides an ornament pickle on the Christmas tree,” a German tradition his family likes to participate in.  

Hannah Volat, senior, says she eats “jelly donuts with her family while lighting the menorah.” 

Andrew Gibson, Chair of Social Sciences, expressed that his family orders Chinese food on Christmas Eve and stays “lowkey” since his family goes all out on Christmas day. 

Alexandra Lucas Lopez, junior, celebrates Christmas by making tamales with her family the morning of Christmas Eve. 

Crystal Morgan, attendance staff, says on Christmas Eve her family enjoys watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “Krampus.”