Caught in Thought: Halloween

What is your favorite Halloween memory?


“Riding my bike around town at night when I was 12 or 13.” – Parker Rosa, Sophomore


“Trick or treating with my family” – Nicholas Exner, Freshman


“I was walking to my friend’s house on this big hill, and I passed out.” – Malia Kotoisuva, Freshman


“Getting dressed up in high school and going trick or treating with a big group of friends.” – Mrs. Purtell


“In 2021, after work, I went out with my friends around Sonoma and Verona in costumes.” – Sam Mishra, Senior


“My favorite Halloween memory was running around with all my friends and getting a crazy amount of candy. Also just  having fun.” – Alex Groth, Junior


“When I was trick or treating at my aunt’s house and got chased down the street by the girl from The Ring.” – Lia Jerry, Junior 


“When my mom made me a Boo costume. I looked like Boo from Monsters Inc.” – Abby Kalt, Sophomore