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Get To Know Your SLATEs

Ingrid Derby
From the left: Isabella Alvarez (Campaign Manager for Slate 1), Cris Rivera (Slate 3), Angelo Cano (Slate 4)

Running Groups
Student Voice: Jack McMahon
Financial Advisor: Nic Domitri
Activities Director: Alegria Silvi
Campaign Manager: Isabella Alvarez

Student Voice: Kendall Clemons
Financial Advisor: Teagan Rhodes
Activities Director: Esmeralda Tellez
Campaign Manager: Chris Rivera

Student Voice: Anthony DeTorres
Financial Advisor: Carmela Cusick
Activities Director: Kelsey Bauer
Campaign Manager: Angelo Cano

Angelo Cano (junior) -SLATE 4

What is your campaign approach?
“We want to improve school spirit and safety so everyone feels welcome and safe.”
How are you planning on helping your slate win convention?
Making the performance very entertaining and my speech is “pretty freaking good”
What is your slate’s main goal if you win?
“School spirit and school safety.”
How do you plan on achieving your goals?
“We plan on doing more activities that include everybody, such as better advertisement for sports games such as announcing sports games and upcoming events over the loudspeakers.”
“Mini games during half-time to involve the crowd.”
Why did you choose each other to run for slate?
“We are all friends, and Carmela is super good at math, Kelsey is very involved in sports and the school, and Anthony has a “beautiful voice.”
How do you plan to bring spirit to the Convention and the school as a whole?
“I will post my team’s speeches during convention to hype up the crowd and convince
others to vote for Slate 4.”

Chris Rivera (junior) -SLATE 3

What is your campaign approach?
As a slate, we want to reach out to lots of groups. “In my Spanish class, I have some freshmen friends, Teagan and I know a lot of underclassmen through soccer, and my brother Erwin Aguilar is a sophomore, so we get to talk to different groups of people through them.”
“We use Instagram and we post a lot on there.”
How do you plan on doing this?
“We talked to Slate 2 to understand what they did last year to win.”
“Running last year helped a lot because now I know the process, and this year we had more time to prepare and campaign.”
How are you planning on helping your slate win convention?
“I will be proactive about posting.”
“I plan to be loud and energetic at convention, Speaking with my chest up and not looking down.”
“Spend extra time planning, because everyone says the dances and lip-singing don’t sway their vote, I know it does, especially with the underclassman because that’s their way of getting to know you.”
What is your slate’s main goal if you win?
“Transparency with admin, because we feel like when there are disciplinary issues it is not taken seriously enough, because there will be repeated offenders who only leave with a “slap on the wrist”, and we feel that we need to talk to admin more about that and project our voices to admin.”
How do you plan to achieve this goal?
“Attending meetings with admin, getting more involved with clubs and what they see on campus especially with the Hispanic and Asian clubs because there can be a lot of discrimination and also a lot of slurs being thrown around on campus.”
Why did you choose each other to run for slate?
“Teagan and Kendall had a class together and decided to run, then they asked Esmeralda to be their activities director, then they needed a campaign manager, and I was kind of iffy on doing it again, and I had “half my foot out the door” (on the fence) with another slate. I wasn’t looking for as big of a commitment as student voice or something like that so I thought being a campaign manager would be fun to do again.” –
How do you plan to bring spirit to the school?
“[For rallies] we were thinking about having dedicated groups to pick out people from each grade because I know a lot of people wait until their senior year to have school spirit, we need to get into a mentality where everyone feels relaxed and happy to be here.”

Isabella Alvarez (sophomore)- SLATE 1

What is your campaign approach?
“We want to talk to as many people as possible and promote ourselves in a way to show that we are a good fit to be leaders of the school we will do this by posting on social media and talking to students.”
How are you planning on helping your slate win convention?
“I have a lot of school spirit and I am involved in a lot of different activities a lot of people know me so I can usually get everyone to get hyped up, and be a part of a convention.”
“Outside of convention, I want to bring up the spirit to help our campaign run smoothly.
I’m in varsity sports, model UN, leadership, Sophomore class president.”
What is your slate’s main goal if you win?
“Our main goal is to boost dragon spirit because it has been on a steady decline for a hot minute.”
“We want to all round make the school better whether it’s making the campus nicer or improving the overall communication between students and talking to administrators to ensure that everything runs smoothly.”
Why did you choose each other to run for slate?
“They came and asked me to be the campaign manager and I asked who was on the slate, and I was like ok wait that group kinda fire, like lemme hop on real quick. I love my slate group, Jack McMahon, Nic Domitri, and Alegria Silvi are such a good group, they are all diverse and well-rounded, and I’m really happy to be a part of the group.”
How do you plan to bring spirit to the Convention and the school as a whole?
“We will bring so much good energy and keep the vibes high!”

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