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A.I. Art Takes Over Creativity

Emma Griffiths

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is taking over many industries and jobs, affecting teachers and students in all aspects of life. Many are using it as an easy way to get around schoolwork and obtain answers to tests and other projects, but how is A.I. taking over in the art world? Many are fearing the worst. Solana Staes, senior and AP art student, opines “A.I diminishes actual art and discredits real artists.” She worries that “people who aren’t artists and see it in social media believe that it is real art, while the artists whose art that it’s stolen from are overlooked.” 

A.I. takes information from other art through the internet or commission, mixing the different information it has gathered to create an image from a given prompt. While this may be helpful for some, it has created a major issue for artists by stealing their art and receiving no credit as a recreation. Artists have been finding A.I. art controversial because of this discreditation.  

While A.I. steals from artists, there are some other downsides to the recreation of it. Many can tell the difference between A.I.-generated art and real drawings created by artists. A.I.-generated art is often distorted and doesn’t make sense. When asking A.I. to create an image of a cat or dog, there may be extra limbs on the animal. Despite the distortion in current A.I. art, the programs are constantly evolving and becoming more advanced. 

Some feel that A.I. can somewhat assist in art. Mr. Mitchell, photography teacher, shares that “it does give you ideas, and you are able to use it for Photoshop to generate fill backgrounds, but it’s still clunky,” but he maintains that he’s “not a huge fan of it” as “taking the creativity takes the art out of art.”  

While the art itself may be questionable in the present, fears are spreading through the art industry—worries that the new Sora A.I. videos may take over the animation industry and leave many jobless. The same applies to graphic design artists. 

Esther Chun, senior and AP art student, believes that A.I.-generated images should not be considered art, stating “it is not original. Art is individual and self-expression.”

While art may be subjective, artists agree that A.I. is a danger to the future of the artistic world.

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Emma Griffiths
Emma Griffiths, Photo Editor
Good day Dragons! My name is Emma Griffith, this is my second year in the newspaper, and I will be the new editor for photography and art!! It still never gets old for me. Seeing the new information emerging with our school has always been interesting for me to report on and try my best to understand. I am on the girls' lacrosse team for the third year. Art is also my passion, taking AP 3d Design. Last year I made the Dragon's Tale logo, while this year's goal is to update the artwork to show my improvement. 

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