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Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again!

The SVHS theater department kicked off the spring semester with their production of Mamma Mia. The cast was announced in winter and consisted of all age groups, freshman through seniors. They started working in December and were expected to have most, if not all, of their lines memorized by winter break. Once classes resumed, rehearsals began after school every day in preparation for opening night, which was fast approaching on March 8. 

Not only did the cast have to memorize lines, but they were also expected to memorize songs, choreograph dances, and learn stage placement and timing. During stage time, Adriel Velazquez, senior cast member playing Harry, shared, “I learned so much from this experience about acting, such as how to memorize lines, capture an audience, and conquer stage fright.” The casts’ immense practice included learning other’s lines in case any members were unable to perform. Adriel was one of the few people to take two roles during one play.

Mario Alioto, another member of the cast, better known as Sam on stage, stated that he wants “to go to school for theater, I love being a part of a bigger community, and, most importantly, it was very fun this year because a lot of [his] friends were also doing the play.” Adriel explained that the highlight of his experience while acting in Mamma Mia was “meeting new people, getting to reconnect with friends from elementary school, and discovering a ton of new friends that [he] was able to grow close to after working with each other.”

Cast members dance to “Lay All Your Love on Me” (Genevieve Smith)

After speaking to a few cast members about their experience acting together, it seemed as if cast members were close to each other, and worked well together on stage. 

The community, including students, teachers, and fellow cast alumni, had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to Mamma Mia. Genevieve Smith, a senior, went to see the play four times and enjoyed each time “more and more.” Because she saw the play so many times, she experienced the different actors as they rotated through casted roles. Smith explained that Director Jane Martin “reused some actors for different parts” which she “thought was innovative.” Genevieve thinks the play was executed fantastically because “everyone knew their lines well!” 

Genevieve acted as a photographer for the play as well as a spectator of the performances. She explained taking pictures for the play was “very fun” because she got to capture her favorite moments for the entire cast to revisit at the end of their performances. 

Both Mario and Adriel pointed out that they participated in this play because it is their last year at SVHS. Mario said, “It’s senior year and you might as well have one last show before you go.” Adriel exclaimed, “I was inspired to do the play because I just thought it would be fun, and it’s my senior year. It was something I hadn’t done before and I thought ‘Why

Carmen Jagard and Madeleine Edwards play Donna and Sophie (Genevieve Smith)

not?’ it sounds like a cool experience!” Other cast members commented on Adriel and Mario’s outstanding job as seniors in their last play at SVHS. Cast member Emmanuel Gomez informed us that he “did not have any previous experience” in acting or theater, although he performed in two different roles.

Seniors, Mario Alioto and Reina Gibbs both have years of experience in theater and have both worked on an array of different plays. Although they are trained actors, getting up on stage still requires preparation and confidence. Reina stated, “I think the hardest part of the process was getting past the first show, but after that, I can have a lot of fun with it.” Mario noted that, “the hardest part is the first show because stage fright starts to creep” but he has learned that, “as long as you’re having fun it comes naturally.” 

Overall, the Mamma Mia production consisted of both skilled and emerging actors, strong execution, and months of preparation, inciting strong community enthusiasm. They succeeded in capturing the audience’s attention, time and time again, and set a fantastic example for future plays to come.



Cast Members:

Donna Sheridan – Kannitha Hun & Carmen Jagard

Sophic Sheridan – Katrina Labrador & Madeleine Edwards

Sam Carmichacl – Mario Alioto

Bill Austin –  Quinn Gamble & Emmanuel Gomez

Harry Bright – Riley O’Hara & Adriel Velazquez

Sky – Hailey Chaaban & Riley O’Hara

Tanya – Reina Gibbs 

Rosie – Thinley Sherpa 

Lisa – Alina Gonzalez & Kimberlec Torres 

Ali – Macelyn Corsi

Pepper – Hailey Chaaban 

Eddic – Jacob Nixon

Fr. Alexandrios – Emmanuel Gomer, & Quinn Gamble


Director – Jane Martin

Musical Director -Wayne Ritchie

Choreographer – Amee Alioto

Dance Captain – Reina Gibbs

Set Design – Morgan McClelland & Solana Stacs

Set Artist – Monica Mueller, Solana Staes, Emma Griffiths

Costume Design – Carrenne Purtell

Backstage Crew Coordinator – Carrenne Purtell

Graphics – Andy Mitchell

Sound Engineer – Tim Taylor

Light Board Operator –  Madison Gray

Sound Board Operator – Katherine Jewel

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