Valentine’s Day TikTok Trends

During the season of love, many teenagers have chosen to display their affection in different ways. 

 For many gamers, the Minecraft valentine trend is the way to go. Inviting their loved one on extravagant minecart rides that have gorgeous builds that showcase extraordinary talent in the game. At the end of the ride, the words “will you be my valentine” are written and decorated with pretty flowers and hearts.

For others, a nice picnic is spectacular. Filled with chocolate and strawberry desserts, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to explore new sweets!

 Of course, not all teenagers are in the mood for love. Naturally, baking anti-valentines day cakes is the ultimate way to cope. @whatsgoodbabycakes makes a red heart cake with a red border that says, “men suck.” Another user by the name of @trinniedear writes “dump him” on a pink and white heart-shaped cake. Finally, clever cake maker @loservirginidiot showcases her admiration for her favorite Criminal Minds character, saying, “I love Spencer Reid.”