Caught in Thought: What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

We had asked seniors on campus what advice they would give their younger selves.

“I would say to my younger self do not procrastinate and focus on yourself and work on yourself” – Jacob Ceron Echeverria

“I would tell my younger self to try in school, freshman year wasn’t too good for me… or sophomore year, and spread kindness in this world.” – Oliver Dorantes

“A piece of advice I’d give my younger self would probably be to stay on top of my homework because procrastination was a big part of my high school years that I regret. Trust the people around you…  some people have bad intentions.” -Yareli Martinez

“I would tell my younger self to have more fun I feel like I took stuff too seriously sometimes.” – Bella Steinley

“Study more, get used to studying, and have study habits.” – Joshua Nava