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Students Express Mixed Feelings About Presence of Campus Police Officer

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Police officer badge icon. Vector Illustration.
Chief Cutting talking to students in the open air question during lunch in J9.

In a recent survey conducted at SVHS, students were asked about their thoughts on the presence of a police officer on campus. The results revealed a range of opinions, with some students expressing concerns while others saw it as a necessary measure to ensure safety.

Emilio Carrio, a senior, expressed confusion and unease, stating, “Why do I have to feel like this is more of a prison?” Carrio’s sentiment echoed the sentiments of some other students who reported feeling anxious and uneasy due to the officer’s presence. Georgina Van Heerden, senior, believed that more students should be informed about the officer’s presence, as she felt it was important to warn the public.

Ava Beltran, sophomore, described the officer’s presence as “random” but acknowledged its potential effectiveness. However, not all students shared this viewpoint, some individuals expressed concerns about the impact of having a police officer on campus. They worried that the presence of guns might intimidate students and create a more tense atmosphere. It was clear that the officer’s presence had a generated variety of opinions among the student body.

In response to these contrasting views, a police officer on campus stated, “it’s just a cop, kids don’t care about cops.” While some students may feel uneasy, the office emphasized that the primary goal was to maintain a safe environment and prevent any potential incidents.

As the debate surrounding the presence of the campus police officer continues, it remains important to consider the perspectives of all students and work towards finding a balance between ensuring safety and addressing concerns.


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Angelina Ayala, Writer
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Sup Dragons! I am a junior at SVHS and I joined Dragon's Tale because I think that people need to hear what's happening on campus and be informed. I play soccer for the school and club and love skating, fishing, and playing video games with my friends in my free time. I will try to keep you guys up to date this year. Stay safe Dragons.

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