New Art Arrives on Campus


Erin Nicholson, writer

The school year is coming to an end, but there is new art on campus that will be ready to be seen next fall. The campus is lucky to have so many talented students decorate the school with inspiring artwork over the years. 

The AP Art and Art Elective classes are currently collaborating to create multiple mini-murals on the walls of Golton Hall. The theme is nature which is inspired by plants and flowers native to California. 

Yessenia Vazquez, senior, said that the purpose of the project was to “make something beautiful.” Though the school year has been filled with excitement with being back in classrooms, there has been a need for comfort and support for students and teachers alike. 

Leslie Yanez, senior, shared that the process leading up to painting took some time, which is why they are on a time crunch with the end of the year. Students sketched their nature images, submitted them to the district to have it approved, then they had to prepare their canvas – the exterior walls of Golton Hall. 

When asking the group of painters about what was hardest about the mural project, Antonio Esteva, junior, was first to reply and said that the texture of the wall makes it difficult to paint evenly, and it takes multiple layers of paint for the color to be vibrant. 

The other new art project that has just begun is hosted by Mr. Kelly’s AVID class. The students were seen earlier in the week priming their section of the H-Wing wall for their mural.

Mr. Kelly provided insight on the difficulties that caused their project to be pushed so close to the end of the year. The application for the mural was submitted to the district sometime in January but was only approved some weeks ago. 

Though the class is grateful to have the opportunity to paint, the loss of time may mean that the mural will not be done in time. Nevertheless, the class is persevering and continuing to prepare the canvas. Mr. Kelly expects to begin painting next week.

The draft of the mural is indicative of the class’ emphasis on inclusivity, diversity, support, and the hard work ethic of all AVID students. The design itself is fun, bright, and welcoming.