Drippin or Trippin-Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day, notoriously pegged as the “day of love,” is a time for people to appreciate their friends, significant others, and people they love. For those celebrating with a significant other, common gifts are candy, a movie, a nice dinner, and personalized gifts. I asked SVHS students which Valentine’s Day gifts they thought were trendy or cheugy.

The word cheugy, used to describe something that is out of date or “trying too hard,” was originally used by Hallie Cain, a 24-year-old copywriter from Los Angeles, according to the New York Times.

The first gift is a heart shaped boxes of chocolate, which according to sophomore Giovanni Mansfield, are “…overused and not sentimental.” Junior Leeanna Tommasi disagreed with Giovanni saying “I love chocolate and think that a box of chocolates would be a thoughtful gift.” I would have to agree with Leeanna that it would be a thoughtful gift if you liked chocolate, but I also agree with Giovanni because the gift is not sentimental in most cases.

The next gift I asked SVHS students about was stuffed animals, to which senior Alyssa Medieros responded, “They are cute, but it depends on the size…” I agree with Alyssa that the size of the bear could determine if it’s cheugy or not, but I think that it could easily be personalized for the recipient or maybe even make them laugh. However, sophomore Dawson Mettler said he wouldn’t get someone a stuffed animal because it would take “…too much effort.”

The last gift I asked students about and undoubtedly the most outrageous of them all, was long distance touch bracelets. These bracelets, which are sold in pairs, one for you and one for a significant other, will light up or make a noise when the other person wants your attention. Senior Alyssa Medieros confidently said, “That is awful, whoever invented those should be in prison.” I agree with Alyssa wholeheartedly and couldn’t have said it better.

Regardless of what gifts you gave or received this Valentine’s Day, your loved ones thought of you and that’s all that matters.