Trendy or Cheugy Pt. 2

If you are on TikTok, chances are you have heard the term “cheugy.” According to Wikipedia, “…this aesthetic has been described as the opposite of “trendy” or “trying too hard.”

The term cheugy was originally made up by 23-year-old software developer Gabby Rasson, who according to Insider, came up with the term in high school.

Fashion trends that I believe to be cheugy are Airmax 97 shoes, men’s ripped and zipped jeans, and slides.

Let’s see what some SVHS students think.

Agreeing with me, freshman Izzy Janson believes that the Airmax 97 shoes are in fact cheugy and that they “give off the impression that you are trying to be taller than you actually are.” Izzy did, however, take a different stance on the ripped/zipped jeans arguing that they are “clear indicators that someone has good taste.”

Junior Jamie Mitchell struggled to find the words to describe her feelings towards the pictures of the items that I showed her. Her initial reaction was “is it bad that I think they are all cheugy?” Jamie’s only advice to people considering trying these so-called “trends” was “don’t wear these.”

Popular trends that have been coined as cheugy include far more than just fashion items, but also include house decor like “live, love, laugh” signs, beauty products like EOS lip balms and even food, like Lasagna!

But we want to hear from you, what do you think is cheugy?