The Crowds are Cancelled Once Again

Dom Girish and Anders Mathison, editor

After a mere three months since the start of indoor sports at SVHS, Sonoma County health officials have yet again reverted back to limited capacity mandates. 

Following the 2020-2021 season, one of quiet crowds and waning school spirit, returning student-athletes looked forward to their next season in hope of more relaxed restrictions. 

Junior guard on the boys’ varsity basketball team, Grant Boydell, mentioned that “playing with a crowd gives a new type of energy that I believe makes us all play better. The school spirit is unmatched.” 

Indoor spring sports, such as boys’ and girls’ basketball as well as wrestling were informed of this mandate on January 12. 

Lola Martin, varsity girls’ basketball forward, stated, “It is super annoying and I feel like we haven’t had a normal season since my freshman year.”

Sonoma County health officials have said the mandate has the possibility of being lifted on February 12, however athletes as well as their parents are frustrated with this because all regular season games will be over by then.

“It really sucks because I feel we all played better with the large crowds,” said sophomore guard, Trent Ohman. “I feel horrible for our seniors this year. They were stripped of normalcy last year and yet again this year.” 

This is devastating news, especially for many seniors looking to have some sense of normalcy within their final seasons as high school athletes. 

Many hoped that this school year would put the  restrictions in the past, but time has proven that not to be the case.