Cali High Youtube Channel Explodes in Popularity 

Kacy Minehan and Rose Houghton  

The California High YouTube channel, created by senior Cesar Pulido, with the support of Ari Zaragoza, Caya Aaronson, and Mario Calderon, has gained popularity amongst SVHS students and beyond. The channel, which consists of funny interviews around campus, has gained over 60,000 views in just a few weeks.

The videos strive to raise school spirit, focusing on spirit days and holidays on SVHS campus. Senior Alyssa Medeiros believes “the videos bring the students at the school together, it makes the school look more fun than it actually is.” Their videos unite the student body and portray the school in a positive way. 

Created in the beginning of October, the YouTube channel with 13 videos include comments from students around the states, some subscribers asking, “What school is this? I wish my school was this cool!”

When asked why the channel was created, Cesar Pulid also known as CP, describes how he has “always had a passion for making funny videos” and explains that “ it is a channel where we can just upload whatever we want without any restrictions.” CP adds that he creates the videos “so people can look back at the videos in the future to see themselves in high school.” 

The videos give students something to look forward to while also creating memories for the student body as a whole.

As the channel’s popularity continues to grow, the uploads are highly anticipated around the school.

While CP and Ari are found in front of the camera, Caya Aaronson and Mario Calderon work hard behind the scenes to edit the videos. CP is very thankful for his camera crew stating that “We have a really good team with Caya and Mario behind the camera, they are really good at what they do and we appreciate them a lot!”

The crew posts frequently to their youtube channel @California High and Instagram @Californiahigh1. They are often brainstorming new content and are welcome to new ideas from the student body. 

CP concludes that they “do the channel for fun and any ideas are always welcome – so if anyone ever wants to participate they are welcome to come up to us and start talking.”