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CONVENTION 2024- Live Coverage

The live coverage of the 2024 convention. Dragon’s Tale will be covering Convention periodically throughout the day.

8:50 2023-2024 Slate 2 introduced by Zoe Flores, applauded as they run on stage. 

Victoria Hernandez began by laying down ground rules. “We are asking everyone to be respectful,” people who boo, swear, or use racial slurs will be kicked out or given a referral. Connor Cheeseman laid out attendance guidelines for convention attendees. 

8:54 Slate 1 ran onto the stage with Party in the USA by Miley Cirus playing, followed by Slate 3 and Slate 4

8:56 Deyanira Arteaga introduced the band for the national anthem. 

8:58 Campaign managers introduce their slate members. Angelo Cano, slate 4’s campaign manager, represents Carmela Cuisick, Kelsey Bauer, and Anthony DeTorres, who he states “is all about action and empowerment.” Isabela Alvarez introduced Slate 1’s “kindhearted” Alegría Silvi, Nic Dimitri, and Jack McMann. Cris Rivera, representing Slate 3, explains that voters should elect their slate namely; Teagan Rhodes, Esmeralda Tellez, and Kendall Clemons because of their transparency and dedication. 

9:06 Senior runners are introduced, followed by the top 5 students of the graduating class, and security. 

9:09 Security has a pushup contest.

9:12 Financial advisors, starting with Teagan Rhodes, who “has been in advanced math classes since middle school” and is now taking AP Precalc, share their qualifications and advertise their fellow slate members. Rhodes describes herself as determined and responsible, with a focus on ensuring funds are sufficient for a strong school year. Nic Dimitri, running as Slate 1’s financial advisor, is also in AP Precalc and will “cooperate with the admin to manage our money.” Finally, Carmela Cuisick, representing slate 4, will “spend money in the right areas” to boost events with high attendance and hopefully lower their costs by cutting “low attendance events.”

9:17 Financial advisors compete in a cupcake eating competition. Slate 3 wins. 

9:19 Campaign managers participate in the activity “cross the line” in which their SVHS knowledge is tested. Each question about SVHS that they answer correctly is one step closer to the line, and whoever crosses it first wins. 

9:25 Slates fuzzy their campaign managers on stage using silly string, garlands, and spray color. Slate 1 goes first, and Isabela Alvarez walks down the runway, successfully fuzzied. Slate 3 is next, given 3 minutes to fuzzy Cris Rivera to Best I Ever Had by Drake. Slate 4’s Angelo Cano gets fuzzied to Day N’ Nite by Kid Cudi. 

10:00 After break, everyone has returned to their seats. The slates’ activities directors compete in a hula hooping contest, and the results are inconclusive… 

10:02 The best-dressed states are brought up to the stage to do a catwalk. The top 5 are Indiana, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, New York, and New Mexico. The winner of the popular vote wins a pizza party. New Mexico wins the competition with the loudest cheering from the crowd. 

10:08 Two giant beach balls are thrown into the crowd of delegates. 

10:12 A game of “Who’s most likely  to?” for the slates introduced by Connor Cheeseman. First question: who’s most likely to face-plant while walking in the H-Wing? Slates answered Angelo, Esme, and Alegria. Who’s most likely to turn in homework late? Carmela, Nick, Cris. Who’s most likely to crash into someone in the parking lot? Kelsey, Teagan, Isabela. Who’s most likely to argue with an administrator? Kelsey, Jack, Teagan. Who’s most likely to sing in the shower? Anthony, Cris. Who’s most likely to go to a line dance? Carmela, Jack, Alegria, Teagan.

10:16 Most likely line dancers from each slate show their skills by line dancing to Cotton Eyed Joe

10:20 A final “who’s most likely to?” Who’s most likely to take the bathroom pass and walk around? Angelo, Esme, Isabela. Who’s most likely to become TikTok famous? Carmela, Cris, Isabela

10:21 Deyanira explains the role of Student Activities Director. 

Slate 4’s Kelsey Bauer begins her speech. She cites her involvement in several sports and clubs, with a focus on increasing school spirit through improved student involvement. One idea is to host sports activities during breaks, and “partnering with admin” to improve sports and clubs.

Slate 1’s Alegria Silvi is up next. Silvi explains her involvement in school sponsored events from sports games, dances, to leadership events. She is captain of the swim team, and secretary of the Interact Club. “We’re not trying to change the school entirely.. but improve the already well attended events.”

Finally, Slate 3’s Esmeralda Tellez, represents the “Hispanic 1st generation LGBTQ+ minority.” She explains that it is crucial to have representation for the majority Hispanic student body. She cites her experience working for the Boys and Girls Club to target the issue of lack of minority representation. One of Tellez’s ideas is “flag day” where students bring flags to represent their identities. She also hopes to create an LGBTQ+ committee to work with the administration, targeting homophobia and highlighting their voices. 

10:29 Mr. Gibson is up to ask each slate questions! He will ask each Slate two serious and two entertaining questions. Starting with Slate 1, he asks them to name a movie franchise better than the Star Wars movie franchise. Slate 1 replies “There are none.” To Slate 3 he asks “which superhero best embodies the values of your slate?” They respond “Iron Man.” He asks Slate 4, “if the K-Building teachers were to form a band, what would their names be?” to which Slate 4 decides the “Harmonious Historians.” Again addressing Slate 4, “if you’re elected, what’s the first step to unite the student body?” Slate 4 had “ no idea, but we’d probably have a spirit week where everyone wears pink like Slate 4.” Slate 3 is asked what their message is to students not attending convention, and they state “everyone at SVHS is vip. We want to represent you guys and make you feel included.” Slate 1 shares that the most challenging issue facing SVHS is that despite being a very diverse school, “it’s challenging to recognize every aspect of it and that is what Slate 1 hopes to change.”

Mr. Gibson then asks Slate 1 to name the three teachers or coaches that were at SVHS when he was a student. Slate one responds “Mr. Knight, Ms. Manchester, and Mr. Merino.” 

If the teachers were allowed to run a slate, which three teachers would you pick and who would b e their campaign manager? Slate 3: Mr. Gibson student voice, Mr Tierney campaign manager, Ms Manchester, activities director, Mr Saldan financial advisor

“If your slate would be represented by one character from Star Wars who would it be Slate 4? “Anakin.”

Slate 4 What are the specific steps your slate will take to reach every student? Using broadcasts to reach the school

Slate 3 describes your approach to student outreach, particularly those who don’t participate  in school events? Tellez ourselves talk to our students, communicate in person to create 1:1 relationships. 

Slate 1: What is your #1 priority? Participation, making everyone feel like they can participate in every event.


10:40 The lip sync battle begins! Slate 3 lip sync and dance to That’s what mayou beautiful by One Direction, Teagan does a solo to Perfect Moment, highlighting a “Vote” and “Slate 3” poster. Rhodes runs down the runway and breaks it down, blowing kisses to the crowd. She throws money off stage to Rihanna. Next up is Esmeralda Tellez, syncing to Voy Voy Voy. She twirls and lays on the stage. Clemons struts to Rihanna’s Umbrella, holding up a purple umbrella. Cris and his girlfriend Tessa Atencio merengue dance, and the crowd cheers them on. Teagan and Esme dance merengue, with Esme dipping Teagan. Cris and Kendall break dance on the runway to It’s Everyday Bro, Cris sporting a Jake Pauler hoodie. It’s getting hot in here plays as the entire slate is pied in the face by Gibson with the plates spelling out “vote slate 3 and be VIP”.


Slate 4 is up second! Bauer is up first with a “Saturday are for the Boys” flag in the background. Bauer serenades the crowd with country music. Super Bass plays as the entire slate breaks it down on the runway. Maria plays and Carmela and Kelsey write on the boys faces then take to the stage. Angelo and Anthony roll over on the stage kicking their feet and then running off. The slate recreates work from Rihanna’s superbowl performance. Ice Spice plays as Carmela and Angelo dance side by side. Angelo takes a solo on stage then Anthony takes off his jacket revealing a Slate 4 tank top. Slate 4 ends by placing flashlights on Anthony to Hey Daddy by Usher. 

Finally, Slate 1 takes the stage. Jack and Nick’s backs face the stage, turning to the crowd for that what makes you beautiful by One Direction. Isabela takes the runway to Crank That by Soulja Boy, with the whole slate cranking it in unison. Alegria and Isabela strut to call me maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. Nick takes the spotlight to Timber, eliciting cheers from the crowd in his cowboy hat and shades. Alegria joins him in a bald cap and shades.  Jack she make a man wanna speak spanish, Jack dressed in a blonde way for Shakira, twerked on Nick as Alegria and Isabela took to the stage with a SLate 1 poster.


10:55 slate 2 reenacts their dance from last year’s convention. They dance to have my money, throwing fake money to the crowds. Vicky dances to Taylor Swift, interacting with the crowd. Connor unbuttons his shirt on stage. 

Thinly Sherpa brings out a confetti cannon and throws it to the crowd to launch it. Deyanira dances to “Tractor.” The four recollect onto the stage and for a  couples dance. 

11:00 Slates go out into the crowd to talk to delegates.

11:04 The first round of voting begins, and the slates get back on stage to await the results. 

11:57 After returning from lunch, Slate 2 announces that there is a re-vote needed. 

12:01 Dance team performs to Move Your Body by Nina Sky. 

12:03 The first round of voting results are announced, and Slate 3 is in first place! Slate 4 comes in second and gets to stay in the competition, while Slate 1 is eliminated. They endorse Slate 4 as they exit. 

12:06 The slates are playing charades.

Slate 4 is up first. Angelo goes up to his slate who acts out his word as he attempts to guess. Angelo guesses eight words correctly. Slate 3’s Cris is next, and he guesses – words correctly,

12:12 The slates are now competing to see who knows the most music! Songs are played and the first slate to yell out the title wins. Anthony of Slate 4 guesses Soul Sister. Kendall Clemons guesses Last Friday Night. Slate 4 has a point redacted for

 outside help with their guess. Carmela names the Dark Horse and puts Slate 4 in the lead. Esme names Kid Cudi as the next artist and Angelo names the song title, gaining points for both slates. The competition is tight between both slates, with Slate 4 taking the win in the final round. 

12:17 Connor introduced “Eman” (Emanuel Gomez) sporting shades and a full black outfit to play the piano. The crowd cheers loudly before and throughout his musical number. He walks coolly off the stage with the crowd screaming “EMAN!”

12:19 The student activity directors are asked to list activities that haven’t been done yet that their slates want to add. Esme shares that she wants to create an LGBTQ+ committee and a culture week to create a more inclusive campus representing varying ethnicities. Kelsey, speaking for Slate 4, wants to make a school spirit week in which students win points for their school spirit.


Connor brings out the financial advisors, who are tasked with volunteering fundraiser ideas. Teagan recommends a car wash event while Carmela recommends selling snacks because “everyone loves snacks.” Connor asks for ways for leadership to raise quick cash, and Teagan recommends candy grams.


Vicky brings out the student voices and tasks them with reading out an announcement on the fly, practice for their intercom duties. Anthony is up first, announcing the Noche Latina dance, and the crowd cheers as he leaves. Kendall is next, reading the same announcement, with loud cheers for her. 


Vicky welcomes Cris asking him to say something nice about each member of his slate. He compliments Reagan’s kindness, Esme’s support, and Kendall’s moral boosting attitude, saying that Kendall will always play Roblox with you. Angelo is brought out, citing Anthony’s “amazing” character, Kelsey’s planning skills, and Carmela’s math skills. 

12:31 The slates are tasked with listing as many clubs as they can in 25 seconds. Slate 4 is up first, naming 20 clubs total. Next up, Slate 3 names 17 clubs. 


12:34 The slates are doing a sing-along with the audience! Both slates try to get the audience to sing the loudest for their songs, Slate 4 starting with Sweet Caroline. The crowd sings loudly for the chorus but is quiet for the rest of the song, not knowing the lyrics. 

12:41 The slates go on a scavenger hunt through the audience while the microphones are being fixed. Both slates compiled groups of people from the crowd matching their criteria, including someone with a septum piercing and someone who was in Mamma Mia or plays instrument, someone that is left handed, a middle schooler, freshman , a sophomore, and a junior.


The slates biggest supporters makes a short speech for their respective slates. 

12:53 Ms. Dowdy and Ms. Kiss enter the stage to ask questions to the slates. Ms. Dowdy asks how the slates will handle collaboration with student leaders, faculty, and admin to address student concerns, advocate for changes, and improve our school.


Slate 3’s Reagan Rhodes explains their slate will have student voices in staff meetings, citing her experience in a climate circle for the city. Slate 4’s Kelsey Bauer cites plans for a student committee including club members to communicate with admin. 

Ms. Kiss asks the slates “how do you intend to foster a positive and supportive school culture through your role… What steps will you take to encourage student engagement and involvement in activities?” Slate 4 wants to be “really involved with the students,” and Carmela emphasizes using social media and broadcasts to reach students. Slate 3 believes that they are the “most diverse slate” and they reach the most groups on campus, which will be useful in their goal to bring the campus together through spirit leaders. 

1:00 Student voice speeches begin with current Student Voice, Vicky, explaining the role of student voice. 


Kendall Clemons is running at Slate 3’s student voice. She emphasizes environmental protection and inclusion of all minority groups at SVHS. She believes there needs to be more accountability from the administrators regarding harassment. Kendall ends her speech by advising everyone to “vote Slate 3 and become VIP!”


Slate 4’s Anthony DeTorres defines the word ‘better’ as “setting a higher standard,” which SVHS needs. He focuses on school spirit and lack of school sport support as two of the biggest issues facing SVHS, talking about his experience playing sports. He tells students to follow their goals. 

1:06 Deyanira introduces the Dragon’s Court (the top 5 students in the graduating class) who ask questions from convention attendees to the slayed. When asked about activities, Angelo says he wants cornhnole. Esme says she wants more attention and support girls sports and boys volleyball. When asked about increasing student participation, Teagan says her slate wants to introduce spirit leaders for each grade. Carmela says her slate will lead by example. Will Breall asked about further improving student mental health after Slate 2’s “strides” in the effort. Anthony responds with wanting more mental health weeks. Kelsey wants more fun activities. Kendall wants more information out about the Wellness Center, and to create a healthy environment as a slate, and more service dogs. Emmanuel Gomez asks how they will improve extra curriculars. Slate 4 explains they will advertise more for clubs on broadcasts, and set aside independent funding. Slate 3 explains they will collaborate with club leaders and sports, and ensure they have sufficient funding.

Diego Reyes asks what steps they will take to mitigate physical altercations between students. Slate 3 thinks that addressing the communities environment and accountability and transparency with admin. Slate 4 believes fights stem from mental health issues, and wants to improve mental health awareness. When asked to name some characteristics they admire in the opposing slate, Slate 3 names Slate 4’s outgoing personality while Slate 4 names Slate 3’s teamwork. To aid environmental sustainability efforts, Slate 4 emphasizes the need to have more accessible recycling bins on campus while Slate 3 wishes to implement a community garden. Kendall Clemons recently implemented a pollinator garden on campus and is dedicated to environmental sustainability.

Picking a quirk that they will implement into their intercom announcements, Slate 3 says they will begin announcements with “when life gives you lemons, listen to Kendall Clemons” and Anthony DeTorres says he will highlight positive developments on campus and end with a dog bark. When asked why they ran for slate, Slate 4 recalls deciding to run for slate because they wanted to have fun in their senior year, while Slate 3 wanted to run for slate because they want to better the school and continue Slate 2’s positive work from this year. 


1:21 Connor introduces the second part of the sing-along, with Slate 3 singing Locked out of Heaven by Bruno Mars, dancing in the crowd and on the stage. The audience sang along with Slate 3 during the parts of the song that they knew. After their song, the crowd began loudly chanting “Slate 3! Slate 3!” 

1:27 The runners decide which states have the best posters and bring them on stage. The top five are Nevada, Indiana, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Texas. The competition was narrowed down to Hawaii and Rhode Island, the winner being Rhode Island.


1:32 A game of Kahoot is played with the audience. The questions include SVHS trivia such as what year SVHS was founded, if Mr Gibson was crowned Homecoming King as a student, what the play was this year, what year Ms. Baker said graduated SVHS, how long Mr. Knight has been teaching at SVHS, who this year’s leadership teachers are, if Mr. James went to Harvard, and more!

Lola Bodenhamer, junior, won the Kahoot.


1:50 Everyone who was fuzzied is welcomed to the stage. They walk the catwalk and exit the stage in a line as Nikki Minaj plays.


1:52 The slates take 5 minutes to talk to everyone in the crowd.


1:57 The final voting round begins. During the final round the crowd breaks into song, with many holding flashlights.


2:09 slate 2 says their final goodbyes and thanks SVHS, thinly sherpa fuzzys the three. 


2:13 ( Last update) the crowd cheers, slate 3 wins!

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