Winter Glow Show, A Silent Night 

Alex Reilly, Writer

For the first time, SVHS hosted a holiday lighting of the campus called the Winter Glow Show. The hallways and stairs in the H wing were strung with colored light, classroom walls and doors were wrapped with festive paper and mini Christmas trees throughout the week following Thanksgiving break. Juniors Cally White, LJ Johnson, and Brooklyn Peterson designed the campus alongside hosting the Glow Show event, where they counted down to turning on all the lights at once. 

The Glow Show event sold pizza and hot chocolate to fundraise for girls’ soccer upcoming season alongside raising money for the Petslife line. Christmas music and various lights shined throughout the campus after the countdown at 5:30 pm, and the event continued till 7 pm.

There was very little student participation at the event, even though the event had been posted throughout the school and media for weeks prior. The decorations set up days before were under constant campus supervisor monitoring because students were ripping the paper off the walls and tearing the lights from the halls. 

According to campus supervisor Mrs. Pencil, students took the decorations and put them in the boy’s bathroom. Some decorations were urinated on and could not be reused—others were scattered as far as the track field. According to the leadership teacher, Mrs. Rivara, the leadership class spent around 200 dollars, and this does not include the large number of decorations Mr. Hansen provided.

Even though it did not get the turnout, leadership anticipated that Mrs. Rivara would say that if students are passionate about learning and growing this event, the Winter Glow Show will continue next year.