Spooky (Boo)ks

Rose Houghton , Writer

The Myron DeLong library was transformed into “The Great Library of Alexandria” for the Halloween spirit Week. Open to students on Thursday and Friday the library represented each department at the school. 

Representing the library department, the entrance was transformed with large pharaohs and pyramid statues. As students walked through the doors of the library they were met with a spooky hallway. Freshman, Marcello Stechman, liked the entrance the best, “There was a lot of detail. I liked the fountain with blood.”  

As students adventured through the library during their English classes they were met with multiple different sections each decorated to reflect the specific department. At the end of the tour students were given voting slips to choose  which department they believed to be the spookiest. 

The science department was a common favorite among bystanders due Lab Biology teacher, Mr. Coon’s array of animals that were on display included a cage full of roaches and his albino python, Rhea, which was placed among students as they walked by. Mr. Coon also performed a science experiment with a dry ice concoction creating a ghostly explosion. “The science section was my favorite,” Adds freshman Isidro Rojas, “I liked the skulls and snakes.” 

The Visual Arts Dept. included student art work pieces of spooky 3D heads and skulls as well as large antique looking photographs which included all the Visual Arts teachers dressed up in scary halloween costumes. Junior Kerry James adds “the skulls and artwork were very cool.” 

The English Dept. incorporated the bookshelves in the library to create a spooky hallway which included quotes from gothic literature like Frankenstein and Hamlet.

Other departments included the Math and Language Arts which created small Dia de los Muertos altars and gravestones with ‘dead’ equations.  

Through student voting the winning department of “The Great Library of Alexandria” was the library with the scary detailed entrance. 

The haunted library was a huge success for its first year and will likely become a tradition in the years to come.