Too Old For Halloween

Ava Rognlien & Jackson Zyskowski, Print Editor & Op-Ed Writer

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As the spooky month of October creeps in, many teens undergo childhood flashbacks of trick or treating, dressing up, and school festivities. However, once you come to high school, Halloween becomes taboo and infrequently celebrated.

  Senior, Lizza Moore examines halloween as a high school student explaining, “It’s less exciting. [As a teen] you have to dress up sexy or trendy. As a kid you could just be whatever you wanted.”

  In high school, you feel the need to impress your peers. This means keeping a perfect image, which seems impossible. Going out and dressing in a costume for candy is definitely not labeled as ‘cool’.

  Ryan Pfleger, senior, reminisces, “I want to dress up as a little kid and go trick or treating.” With growing up comes nostalgia from your childhood. Moments of searching for tooth fairy money after losing a tooth or listening for Santa’s reindeer on Christmas Eve.

  As a teen, the innocence of childhood slips away, because the pressure of becoming an adult is introduced.  

 “I feel like [Halloween] is still fun, but for different reasons,” Senior Tessla Carlsson concludes. Trick or treating may be off the agenda for Halloween, but remember to enjoy the memories of your childhood by watching a festive movie or eating candy.

 As teens we need to stop worrying about embarrassing ourselves, and start embracing dressing up, and finding enjoyment in differences.

  In order to rekindle the Halloween spirit we should encourage sporting Halloween costumes, and build a haunted house on campus to put a new spin as Halloween as a teenager.