Kavanaugh: Putting #MeToo Movement To The Test

Ava Rognlien, Print Editor

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Just hearing the name Brett Kavanagh instantly causes opinions and controversy. Now that name will be heard in the Supreme Court for as long as he lives.

  In the heart of the #MeToo movement, the nation was shocked to hear that Brett Kavanaugh had been sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice. Kavanaugh was not only accused of three sexual assaults, but he also showed his partisanship during his court hearing and caused one of the biggest scandals in Supreme Court history.

   To many, it felt like the #MeToo movement had failed, because a heartfelt and sincere statement from an abused and credible woman had not been enough to disqualify a white Republican man.

   Sen. Heidi Heitkamp from North Dakota, after hearing Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s statement, described, “I heard the voices of women I have known throughout my life who have similar stories of sexual assault and abuse.”

  To the women in the current Third Wave Feminism movement, this trial represented the glass ceiling cracking further.

   The excuse “boys will be boys” finally expelled, because the actions of a teenage boy’s misconduct followed him into his professional life. Although the sexual assault had been decades ago, what happens in high school matters.

 The Kavanaugh election caused a greater polarization of parties that will cast a cloud over history. In a period filled with disordinance, upheaval, protests, and fake news, the future seems grim.

  A New York Times article by Charles M. Blow mentioned that, “Kavanaugh is just one part of a much larger plan by conservatives to fundamentally change the American political structure so that it enshrines and protects white male power even after America’s changing demographics and mores move away from that power.”

   As minorities’ voices are being supported and heard, the power structure has shifted, and to some, it is frightening. For citizens who agree with this,  it is easy to back candidates like President Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh.

   Kavanaugh’s approval delivers the message that the people in power will work around justice if they can. It sends a message to women, that their trauma is not valid—and this is not what America should represent. History is clouded by the polarization of parties and fear of power shifts, but women will continue to rise and speak out about injustices against them.

Ava Rognlien, Print Editor

My name is Ava Rognlien. I am a senior and editor for the Dragon´s Tale. I am passionate about activism as president of Empowerment club and Seeds of...

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Kavanaugh: Putting #MeToo Movement To The Test