Caught in Thought: AP Exam Advice

With Advanced Placement(AP) Tests fast approaching, we asked a couple AP teachers and some veteran AP Exam test takers about their study methods.

Mr. Saldana: AP World History and AVID teacher

“So there’s a variety of ways to prepare for the exam. On Google Classroom, I do provide resources for all the different units. Students obviously use Quizlet. Students hate to use their notes from their textbook, but that’s an option. Google Classroom, other types of activities, and other classwork. If you have the AMSCO and you’ve read that throughout – that’s an easy way to be very specific with the topics. Oh, and I think students always use the Heimler/Freeman videos.”

Mrs. Purtell: AP Calculus teacher

“For the AP Calc exam: prep as much as possible by practicing MCQs and FRQs and work together, and then on the day of the exam, walk into it feeling confident and do your best!”

Remy Harrison, Sophomore: Took the AP Spanish Language Exam

“My best AP Exam study method is probably taking at least a week in advance to go over all the things that we learned. It really depends on the class though, cause at least for last year, for AP Spanish Language, we kind of practiced the AP exam a lot. So that helps to practice for the exam. But the AP Spanish one was a three-parter. So I just kind of practiced those three parts.”

Natalie Cullen, Junior: Took the AP World History Exam

“My best study method is like the night before, just read all the lecture notes and just like eat snacks while I read my lecture notes.”

Peyton Rosa, Senior: Took the AP United States History, AP Spanish Language, and AP Environmental Science Exams

“I would say that the best study method was when teachers would hold study sessions after school or office hours because students could ask questions and interact with the teacher.”