Good Standing, Good Behavior


For the 2022-23 school year, administration has strongly enforced the “good standing” policy. This policy has proven to be an extremely divisive issue on campus.

According to the SVHS behavior expectations, a student in good standing is one “who earns a 2.0 GPA or higher and has no more than one F per grading period, is up to date with serving detentions for tardies and other issues, and maintains safety by following classroom and school rules.”

When a student is not in good standing their ability to go off campus and attend school events, including dances and sports games, is taken away.  Leo Larios, junior, states that “in theory it’s a good idea” because he feels that “going off campus…is a privilege.”  Being in “good standing” encourages students to maintain their grades, avoid absences and tardies, and maintain good campus behavior.

Students have mixed feelings about the policy. Samara Alcaraz, junior, noted that the system “has a negative effect on everyone because it stresses them out.” Although students disagree with the good standing policy it still motivates them to improve on their grades, attendance, and behavior. 

Samara Alcaraz, junior, concludes that the policy “causes conflict” between students and admin. Trust between admin and students has been tested when students who are not in good standing go off campus and attend school events anyway. This policy creates conflict between students that ignore the policy and the supervisors whose job is to enforce the policy. 

Additionally, the policy creates division within students because the students who do follow the policy and are honest feel that it is unfair that so many students go against the “good standing” policy and get away with abusing privileges such as leaving campus despite their status. 

English teacher, Ms. Gray feels as though the policy is fair because, “if you’re making good decisions at school and doing what you’re supposed to do… it’s totally acceptable.” Also, she believes that students who have “really awful behavior… shouldn’t be allowed to go to certain events.” The policy is favored by teachers, because it promotes good behavior in class. 

The “good standing” policy should remain at SVHS because it encourages students to have better grades and behavior. However, this policy should be more fairly enforced for everyone.