Caught in Thought: Teachers’ New Year’s Resolutions

With 2023  in full swing, we asked teachers around campus: What are your New Year’s resolutions and why?

 “[It’s] one day at time [and] to eat better.” -Mr. Saldana

August is my New Year as a teacher. [I want] to travel more. I’m going to Ireland for my birthday for St Patrick’s Day – it’s going to be amazing!” -Ms. Gray

“I have goals…[including a] little more self care [and] me time. I don’t know to describe it. I do dance, so I want to expand and have more opportunities.”  -Ms. Purtell

“Honestly, it’s to clean my garage. My dad, the real Mr. Gibson, has the most immaculate garage of all garages. So, it’s clean my garage.” -Mr. Gibson

 “[It’s to] camp more, because when I camp it helps me forget about all the stress I have when teaching.” -Mr. Root

To help the varsity basketball team reach their full potential and win league this year.” -Ms. Baker