Prom Fashion: Trendy or Cheugy

Camille Phillips, Writer

SVHS students gathered at Viansa Winery on May 21 for prom night. Students were dressed to the nines in their formal prom attire.

Prior to prom, I asked SVHS students what prom trends they believed were cheugy or trendy. Cheugy, first used by a Los Angeles copywriter, is used to describe something that is out of date or trying too hard, according to the New York Times. Here’s what SVHS thinks.

Aside from the usual black, gray, and navy blue suits/tuxedos worn, other colored suits/tuxedos caused quite the divide. Sophomore Trent Ohman likes the bright pop of color saying, “It’s fire.” Senior Alyssa Medieros on the other hand, strongly disagrees with that statement posing the question “Are we in a circus?” 

Done ironically, I think a fun-colored suit/tuxedo could be funny, but there is little space to mess up and so much could go wrong. If worn right, I think it could be trendy.

Another controversial take was made by junior, Marley Sutter who said, “Don’t wear sneakers to photos.” Although comfort is key and sometimes sneakers could sometimes be coordinated with an outfit, I would agree that more formal shoes should be worn for photos and the transition to sneakers should hold off until the dance portion of the event. 

Among other prom trends that SVHS students said were cheugy are belts on dresses, holographic dresses, animal print, and ombé dresses. 

Thank you for all of your input this year for my trendy or cheugy articles, stay trendy SVHS!