JC Advantages Attract Students

Caroline Studdert, Writer

As SVHS seniors start to figure out their plans after high school, a popular choice is Santa Rosa Junior College. 

Despite how many students attend the SRJC after high school there is a prevalent stigma surrounding it. Many believe that attending the SRJC means that you did not work as hard in high school, or you were not accepted into any four year colleges. 

This stereotype is particularly damaging as it disproportionately affects people who are socioeconomically disadvantaged, and contributes to the stereotype of mostly caucasian students attending four year universities. 

However, SRJC is extremely popular for many reasons. To attend a four year college in California, the average cost before aid is $41,000 per year after all of the added costs. The average tuition  cost for a junior college if you live at home is under $1,300 per year. However, other advantages are junior colleges give significant amounts of financial aid and the cost usually comes out around $5000.

Additionally, junior colleges are very beneficial financially and also can help students get a more prestigious education. Students who could not get into the extremely selective UCs fresh out of high school, but as second year transfer student, there is an increased chance of being admitted to one of the UCs.