Fugitive Gone Wrong

Bella Quilici, Writer

This year’s fugitive game of chase was the most chaotic it has ever been as innocent bystanders were injured, a car was totaled and peace was disturbed in local neighborhoods. 

Fugitive is a tradition that seniors organize every year where freshmen, sophomores and juniors must run from Ernie Smith Park all the way to the SVHS dragon statue without getting caught by seniors driving in their cars. 

Personally, I have never participated in this event as I have always thought it to be irresponsible and dangerous, and this year really solidified that belief. 

It was upsetting to hear about the seventh grader being shot by a paintball gun for several reasons. Firstly, because I can put myself in their shoes and imagine how traumatized they must be. But secondly, because it shows how absolutely reckless the event has become. 

There has been a lot of discourse online about the event with some believing that it is a light hearted, fun event for students and others believing that it has gotten out of hand. 

This year there was also a vigil going on at the Plaza the same night for an SVHS graduate that has been declared missing. While the vigil took place an hour before fugitive, I still thought it was disrespectful to continue the event when it could have been very easy to reschedule. 

Perhaps fugitive will become a more light hearted event in the future but that remains to be seen.