Priceless Promposals


With an award of two free prom tickets, the SVHS Promposal account, @svhs.promposal2022, has been filled with juniors’ and seniors’ unique proposals. The post with the most likes two days before prom, will become the winner and be awarded with free tickets for prom.

One of the first posts was senior couple, Jack Alcayaga and Riley Vahle-Enlow. Alcayaga describes the night. “It was baseball senior night, and I looked up baseball related promposals and found one I liked.”

Alcayaga’s posters read “Rylie, it would be a grand slam if I could steal you for prom.”

“I was excited and not very nervous  because I knew she was going to say yes,” claimed Alcayaga.

Senior Cyman Dever asked Eddy Haroh and his poster read, “… without you prom would be Spain without the S. Please go with me!” When asked about the inspiration behind his poster, Dever said he “wanted to come up with a good pun.” Haroh mentions he was not nervous at all: “I knew it was about to happen.”

One post that looks to be a contender for the most likes is senior couple Hunter Belleville and Ashley Amormino. Belleville comments that his promposal, which included the sidewalk being filled with candles spelling out ‘PROM?’ was an idea given to him by his lacrosse coach. “I was not nervous she was going to say no, but I did accidentally drop my poster into the candles.”

With the deadline to post proposals on Friday May 20, the winners will be announced on the Sunday after prom, the couple with the most likes will be refunded their $100 tickets.