Marvel Takes on Horror

Bella Quilici, Writer

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness breaks the typical Marvel mold as director Sam Raimi takes the film in a direction that Marvel has never gone before: horror. 


The film picks up right where the beloved Disney+ show WandaVision and the fan favorite Spider-Man No Way Home left off and fully dives into the concept of the multiverse which was previously teased in both projects. 


It is absolutely essential to watch both projects before heading off to the theaters because it’s not like the cameo-filled Endgame where casual viewers will enjoy the watch. 


Some popular Marvel tiktok creators such as @jstoobs, @theoriesbyt and @strawhatgoofy have even urged their fans to watch the controversial cartoon series Marvel released called What If so that they can better understand some of the references throughout the film. 


And while this movie is named after Doctor Strange, I would argue that this film is much more important for Wanda Maximoff’s character development as viewers witness her inner darkness being brought out by all of the pain and suffering she endured in her own series. 


Elizabeth Olsen did an incredible job at portraying a villain character as the role is not something that she would usually take on. Her acting made the role more complex as viewers such as myself wondered whether she deserved sympathy or not because of the questionable choices she makes. 


All in all, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is a must see Marvel film because of its complicated character arcs, stunning cinematography as well as visual effects and unique approach to the super hero movie genre.