Farewell Chic Confidential

What to wear when I’m gone


Elena Forrest, Writer

Over the past few months, I have had the privilege to dump my thoughts and opinions about some of the best fashion at SVHS; however, this will be my last article where I will give you my insight into the upcoming trends and my opinion of what to wear when I have graduated.

This summer, colors and funky silhouettes are the hottest trend. We have mainly seen this trend in the “one shoulder” or multi-strapped tops and asymmetrical skirts and dresses. To jump on this hot trend, I would pair a bright-colored, one-shoulder bodysuit with a 70s print mini skirt, chunky sandals, and some retro-inspired aviator glasses. 

Another trend that we will see from the fall that we see continuing into the warmer seasons is cowboy boots. Specifically colorful, or patterned cowboy boots as the statement piece of the season that surely has left us doing double-takes. I would personally style cowboy boots with a pair of denim shorts with vintage baby tee, and an oversized button-down shirt. Keeping it simple, and classic with the silhouette of the outfit contrasts with the bold and funky style of the cowboy boots. 

The last trend that I will be discussing is knitwear. Knitwear resurfaced last spring, yet it is a trend that I believe will continue throughout this summer. Whether it’s a crochet loose-knit look or a thinly ribbed cotton knit, the unconventional texture when paired with a more petite, dainty silhouette, creates interest. I would personally wear the trend as a set highlighting bright colors, with either a bag in coordinating color or natural woven texture to play into a more beachy aesthetic, paired with a fun pair of sneakers or chunky sandals. 

Overall, I have loved writing about fashion.

Stay Chic, SVHS!