Students Show Off Artistic Ability


Rose Houghton, Writer

Students in Graphic Design, 3-D Design, Photography, Wood Shop, and Art classes had the opportunity to exhibit their work during Sonoma Valley High School’s 2022 Art Show. Taking place from March 25-27 in Golton Hall artists’ work was on display for both the community members and students to see. 

The winner of Best Digital Art, senior, Sawyer Finley, says her winning piece, “Mugshot,” was “[her] favorite piece she submitted.” Being into art since childhood, Finley, is “just now getting into digital art.” She hasn’t declared a major for college yet but definitely wants to do something art related.

The art show included works from all grades levels of all mediums. Awards were given out by SVHS art teachers, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Anderson and Mrs. Kuprian.

Sophomore, Solana States, winner of Best Ceramics, was very proud of her winning piece. She made a tiger teapot, stating, “I was really proud of it because when I first thought of it, I thought it was going to be too difficult, but as I was making it I realized it was not as hard as I thought it would be.”

As well as displaying work from throughout the year, students were able to sell their pieces. Many students were able to make a little extra money.

The Best Mixed Media winner, senior, Yessenia Vazquez, created a sculpture from the inside of the book. “I painted the inside of the book with different materials; it was not my favorite piece that I had created.”  

The full list of winners for the 2022 Art Show include: 


Best of Show: Antonia Valente, junior

Best Drawing: Eli Kelly, freshman

Best Painting: Grace Atkinson, junior 

Best Sculpture: Ike Neeley, junior

Best Digital Photo: Claudia Steiner, senior 

Best Mixed Media: Yessenia Vazquez, senior 

Best Ceramics: Solana Staes, sophomore 

Best Digital Prints: Sawyer Finley, senior 

Rookie of the Year: Ryn Lee, sophomore 

Overall Body of Works: Beatriz Torres, senior 

Fichman Memorial Award: Quinn Liedtke, junior