Trendy or Cheugy-Spring


Camille Phillips

As the weather in Sonoma begins to get warmer, SVHS students are starting to convert their closets to accommodate this change in seasons. With every season comes new trends and things that never went out of style, or did they? I went around campus to ask SVHS students what spring trends they think are trendy or cheugy.


The term ‘cheugy,’ which used to describe something that is out of date or trying too hard, was first used by Hallie Cain, a copywriter from Los Angeles, according to the New York Times.


The first trend is one that has been around for a few years now, Birkenstock sandals. Prices for these shoes range anywhere from $100 to $200 and SVHS students seem happy to pay the prices although, Senior Taitum Israel said, “They are not worth the money.” However, she went on to say that “…if you need a good beach sandal to throw on, they are good.” I disagree with Taitum and believe that the price is worth it, because you are getting good quality shoes that will last a long time.


The next warm weather staple is athletic shorts. Sophomore Abby Sparks defended the ongoing trend saying “It’s a normal basic clothing item.” I agree with Abby, that they are a staple in most people’s closet and they have stayed trendy for this long for a reason.


The last warm weather trend is the newest and arguably the most controversial of them all, platform flip flops. I agree with Abby when she said that she would “…personally never wear them,” but I also agree with Taitum when she pointed out that “…Paris Hilton rocks them.”


As the weather changes, so will the trends and I look forward to seeing what new clothes SVHS students will begin to wear this season.