SVHS Broadcast Returns

Rose Houghton, Writer

With the disappearance of advisory from the weekly schedules, due to the increase of student contact cases, the SVHS broadcast production has been unable to televise their work to other students. These advanced video art student-ran broadcasts consist of interviews, educational videos, and funny games surrounding events at school. 

Rather than having a separate teacher and classroom for advisory, the administration extended 3rd Period on Thursday to allow for the broadcast to be shown. 

This Valentine’s day themed broadcast was the first after a month break and was filled with enthusiasm.

Video Arts teacher Mr. Hansens has been looking forward to this Broadcast ever since advisory was taken away, “having no advisory affects [his] curriculum by demotivating students and not giving [his broadcast team] a venue.”

Filled with decorations and costumes, the February broadcast focused on celebrating Valentine’s day as well as other important SVHS events. 

Seniors Sam Richards and Richie Crispi, answered questions submitted by the student body on the instagram @svhsvideo which centered around love advice and suggestions. 

This was Senior Nelli Jimenez favorite part, “[She] enjoyed it because it was very funny seeing Sam and Richie’s responses.”

Senior Cesar Pulido, CP, was able to present his most recent videos from his own youtube channel, California High. The videos including interviews with metal shop teacher, Mr. Lea and another with the student body about each other’s crushes. 

The broadcast was also filled with sports highlights including Senior Caya Aronson, men’s soccer edit as well as a produced video by Captain of the Soccer, Oscar Fernandez, interviewing his fellow teammates about the season. 

The hard work and dedication the advanced video arts students put into the February broadcast was well received amongst students. Hopefully SVHS will be able to air more broadcasts in the future.