Galentine the New Valentine

Kacy Minehan and Natalie Wetzel

This year, Valentine’s Day has already passed, and we have formed some new opinions. Valentine’s Day, a day that is meant to celebrate your loved ones, has recently been under heat. Many people do not like it since they are single and find that this day highlights that.

Due to this many people have turned their focus to their friends. Galentines has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Friend groups come together to celebrate their platonic love for each other. This gathering is coupled with sweet treats, colors of red, and baking together. With this new coined term, the pressure is being released to those that are single.

Although Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love nationally, the culture surrounding the holiday puts pressure on singles to find love. The holiday focuses on relationships and people who have lost loved ones or are struggling to find one can feel extra lonely on February 14th. Even if you are content with your love life a common question around this time of year is, “Who’s your Valentine?” 

This question can often make people feel insecure having to report that they don’t have one. 

Even though this holiday can bring up feelings of insecurity surrounding lack of relationships, this holiday can be seen as a time to celebrate the love that you do have in your life. Despite not having a significant other you can still celebrate other loved ones such as family, friends, or significant people in your life. Rather than focusing on the negatives that the holiday highlights you find, celebrate the love that you do have or find a way to show others they have love in their life.