What Teens Wish For in the Season of Giving


Erin Nicholson, Writer

Gifting teenagers presents can be a nightmare. Most of us don’t know what we want, yet we can be incredibly picky. However, there’s no need to worry, because today I’ll be providing some great gift ideas that teenagers will love. Take notes and get ready for a great holiday season!

First, you can never go wrong with gift cards. Despite their small size, they pair well with a sweet card or candy. Gift cards are great if you know what stores your friends like to go to, but don’t exactly know what items they would want. If you’re ever in a time crunch to get a present, a $15-$25 gift card will go a long way – plus, they’re easy to find in stores.

Smaller, more affordable ideas could be accessories, phone cases, key chains, water bottles, small bags, perfumes, or clothing. A cute and simple gift bundle might include fuzzy socks, a friend’s favorite candy, and a bath set. This bundle can be customized for the recipient, but stuffing the smaller gifts into the fuzzy socks are a fun way to “wrap” your present.

Handmade gifts are often overlooked and forgotten, but with the rise of crafts in the world of social media, things like jewelry, knitted clothing, and artwork are creative ideas that can be easily customized and unique for whoever you give them to. Anyone would appreciate a personalized gift, especially knowing that it took time and effort to make it.

If you and your friends value experiences over material gifts, taking them out to eat at a new restaurant. Exploring a nearby city, seeing a movie, or setting up a fun sleepover can be a meaningful way to spend quality time with friends. 

The holiday season doesn’t have to be an expensive burden. Sometimes, the small things matter most, which is incredibly true considering most teenagers don’t have a consistent flow of money. Don’t be afraid to branch out and try making a gift on your own, and remember to say your thanks and appreciation to your friends!