The Grinch Has A Point


For many, the season of giving is the most wonderful time of the year; each holiday tradition is celebrated with eager anticipation, this time of year being looked forward to since the ball dropped last New Year. However, my unpopular opinion that Christmas (the holiday I celebrate) is overrated, tends to shock people the most.
My family has commemorated Christmas since I was a child, but I only started thinking the holiday was over-glorified a couple of years ago. 

The biggest things that I find to ruin the season are its music, the ambiance, and the weather. 

Christmas music and holiday music in general tends to be very annoying, as the constant jingle of bells behind every song makes their tune repetitive and uninteresting. What’s more, each year the same songs are played. Even though it was released in the early 90’s, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” increases her net worth some 600k to 1 million dollars each year because of how often it’s played. 

Additionally, I despise the fact that during the holiday season, everything is Christmas themed. From grocery store products to town decor, I can never seem to escape it. Unlike any other holiday, the Christmas season takes over and tends to go overboard in its festiveness.

However, the one thing I do enjoy about this time of year is snow. I love to ski, and each time I drive to the snow, my mood raises substantially. However, to get there, I have to drive four hours. The season’s only redeeming qualities are the fact that it snows and that most places have a “white Christmas,” but in Sonoma we don’t even get weather that cold. 

I don’t HATE the season, but because of each of these factors, I tend to find it unenjoyable. That being said, enjoy your holiday season, and you can bet I’ll be bright and cheerful in the New Year.