Scary Flicks Capture Viewers


Bella Quilici, writer

From the classics to the modern adaptations, SVHS students have a range of favorite Halloween movies. 

As California has been experiencing rainy cold weather, many students have been getting into the Halloween movie watching spirit. The chilling October nights create the perfect opportunity to stay home and watch a spooky film. When asked what his favorite Halloween movie was, Hayden Buchanan, freshman, replied, “Hocus Pocus is my favorite Halloween movie because it’s not just funny, it’s really entertaining. It shows drama, love and the spirit of Halloween.” 

Every year during October, film lovers all over the world hop onto Twitter to debate what aspects are needed to establish a film as a Halloween movie. While horror flicks like Scream and The Exorcists feel like spooky season movies, Priscila Morales, freshman argues that they are not because Halloween motion pictures need, “jump scares, haunted houses, trick or treating, cold weather and mystery.” 

The most recent blockbuster Halloween movie to come out is Halloween Kills which has received mixed reviews from viewers. The 12th film of the franchise scored a 39% on Rotten Tomatoes and was overshadowed by the releases of Dune and The French Dispatch. Senior, Sean Tomany commented on the film by saying, “It was cheesy because it followed all the standard horror movie tropes.”  

Even though many Halloween films follow similar tropes and storylines, sophomore Natalie Broderick feels that, “In the same way as Christmas, Halloween movies give me something to look forward to.” 

With spooky season coming to an end, it is time to put classic favorites like It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown back on the shelf and bring out The Nightmare Before Christmas. With more predicted stormy weather happening in the near future, it’s safe to say that there is going to be a lot of movie watching this holiday season.