Parking Lot Protocols Step on Brake

As the school year progresses, upperclassmen students are no longer facing backlash from SVHS admin when they spend their breaks and lunches in the parking lot.

Throughout the first few weeks of school, a majority of the upperclassmen sat where the new pool was set to be built, which is now under construction. Due to the recent weather, students have been spending break and lunch in the parking lot next to their cars. The administration attempted to stop students from staying in the parking lot during those times, but their efforts seem to have failed.

Students have noticed this change in the administration’s attitudes and appreciate their flexibility during this time. Junior Kerry James recognized that, “they are being more lenient because they might have considered the weather or because there are very few places to go during break in general.”

The newly relaxed rules in the parking lot have also helped ease the time crunch that students feel with the lunches feeling far too short. Senior Jack Alcayaga thinks that “they are more relaxed now especially because there isn’t anywhere to go when our lunch is so short.” Upperclassmen students now don’t feel like they have to go off campus to find somewhere to eat their lunch now.

Although the parking lot is becoming more popular during breaks and lunches, some students still prefer to go other places during their lunches and breaks. Junior Sophie Rulmont said, “Usually I like to go home for lunch so I can recharge for my last class of the day.”

The new understanding and communication between the administration and the student body during break and lunch in the parking lot has made students feel like they are heard and their concerns are taken into consideration.

Whether students spend their breaks and lunches on campus or in the parking lot, universally the student body has felt positively about how lenient admin is being.