Boys Just Want to Have Fun

Caroline Studdert, Writer

The new wave of feminism focuses on intersectionality. Instead of feminism only representing white woman, feminists are now including BIPOC, gay women, non-binary people and more. What this new wave of feminism does not include is men. 

If feminists start including men in their activism, we would see less violence against women and ultimately reach the cumulative goal of equality. 

It is no question that women face a great deal of inequalities and do not have nearly the same amount of privilege as men do, but men also face a great sum of disproportionate discrimination based on their sex/gender. Gender stereotypes and gender roles affect men in ways that shorten their life expectancy and lead to a skyrocketing suicide rate. 

The idea that men have to be the breadwinner and have to be emotionally strong puts significant pressure and expectation that is unrealistic.

Because of these standards this causes a common response in men- bottled up emotions and anger. 

This can lead to great frustration and pent up anger that results in violent outbreaks. From a young age boys are taught to be physically strong and through example are taught to express their emotions through physical violence. This directly affects female counterparts such as sisters, wives, mothers, girlfriends and daughters. 

A new generation of feminists need to include men in their action to fight for equality by raising young boys with proper emotional support and extinguishing the expectation society holds for young boys and aspiring men.