Natural Disasters Wreak Havoc During October


Alejandra Gonzalez, Writer

California is notoriously known as the largest state suffering yearly fire season and experiencing an abundance of natural disasters. This year, the many harming issues California faces include dropping water levels, oil spillages impacting global warming, and fires. 

One of the largest oil producers for Southern California, Beta Offshore, caused a large spillage 12 miles off the shore of Huntington Beach. The oil industry has been frowned upon how it affects the wildlife and fuels global warming. The massive spill created hours of labor for cleaners working on the beach, in the ocean, and rescuing helpless animals.

This year, fire season started in early July and is finally starting to slow down. The Dixie Fire which started on July 13 has burned over 960,000 acres and has killed one firefighter. The fire impacted many counties in California with heavy smoke and raining ash. 

Lake Tahoe’s water level has slowly started to drop in the last decade, noticeably 1/4th of an inch every year. According to The Hill, “the water level is reportedly so low, water is no longer flowing into the Truckee River, which could prevent its salmon from spawning.” The wildlife and natural treasures that are a part of California’s great appeal are being more and more depleted as more natural disasters occur.