Costume Predictions Seen Through the Crystal Ball


Rose Houghton, Writer

As Halloween spirit week ended with costume day, students were ready to wear their spooky and fun outfits to school. This thrilling day raised the question of what the most popular halloween costumes will be this year. When popular characters filled the school halls, which group costumes were seen the most? 

Freshman, Jack Ellershaw points out that “you have to look at the most popular movies and TV shows of this year, it’s probably Squid Game.” 

Squid Game, the Netflix original South Korean TV shows series, released on Sept. 17, has skyrocketed into becoming one of the most streamed TV shows of the year. The green tracksuits worn by the players as well as the pink suits and black masks donned by the guards are simple but effective costumes that can be worn by large friend groups.

Other popular TV shows that were displayed on Halloween could include the multiple Marvel TV shows released throughout the year including, WandaVision, Loki, Falcon and Winter Soldier, and What If

 A contender for a popular couples costume could be Wanda Maximoff and Vision in their iconic comic book mirrored outfits. The Loki show displayed an array of character variants, allowing for each of these roles to be portrayed through many different costumes.  These fan favorite shows created a spike in Marvel-themed costumes, for kids as well as teenagers. 

Despite the excitement of dressing up as characters from mainstream media, senior Keira Sheldon believed that this Halloween, costumes “were more generic and simple because it seems more people had last minute outfits.” 

Halloween crept up on many high school students, so costumes that can be made simply from someone’s closest may be the most popular options for busy teenagers. Other common costumes seen throughout the school day included witches, pirates, angels, devil and fairies.