‘Shang-Chi’ Makes History


Bella Quilici and Dom Girish

Marvel’s first Asian-led superhero movie, Shang-Chi breaks the Labor Day box office record earning $71.4 million, according to NPR. 

Comic book fans have been waiting for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to introduce the complex and thrilling character of Shang-Chi, the son of a strong and threatening Chinese ruler. The movie adaptation dives straight into Shang-Chis dysfunctional family which forces him to address his past, serving as a catalyst for his adventure. The movie is filled with whimsical mythical creatures, and there is something for audiences of all ages. 

What I personally loved about this film is how well it fits in with the other Phase 4 shows and films. They all seem to dive into prominent issues which is great for reaching a wide variety of people since Marvel has an incredibly large platform. WandaVision focuses on the strenuous stages of grief, Shang-Chi addresses feminism with the character of Xialing, and finally, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier devotes itself to systemic racism and representation for African Americans. 

Shang-Chi’s release has been deeply impactful for the Asian American community. Joey Morona, writer for cleveland.com, stated that “for Asian Americans, Shang-Chi is our Black Panther or Wonder Woman.” Now, young Asian Americans can look up on their TV screens and see mainstream characters that look like them. That is huge.  

Shang-Chi is not only beautiful because of its stunning cinematography and carefully choreographed martial arts scenes, it is a huge win for the Asian American community. I would highly recommend seeing this incredible film and if you do, make sure to stay for both post credit scenes.