Devious Lick Tik Tok Trend Bedevils Boys’ Bathroom

Dom Girish, Writer, Co-Editor

The TikTok trend, known to many on social media as “Devious Licks” has resulted in soap dispensers being ripped off walls, urinals stolen, and bathrooms left destroyed in schools across the United States. 

High schools are finding themselves shutting down bathrooms due to this extreme student vandalism that has risen to fame due to the influence of Tik Tok trends. 

Senior, Taitum Israel, mentioned how “the girls’ bathroom has been affected as well. Red food-coloring was thrown against the walls and around the toilets”. 

The “Devious Lick” challenge has plagued the administration at SVHS as the history department building’s boys bathroom has been shut down for weeks now due to major vandalism. 

The boys’ bathrooms have experienced the worst of the trend. Paper towels and soap dispensers are now commonly found on the floor instead of the walls. A few bathroom stalls have had their locks stolen off of them, and toilet paper rolls have been taken consistently. 

Numerous students are enraged at the vandalism that has surfaced. Junior, Luc Rulmont, states, “I find it humiliating that students at SVHS find it funny to destroy property. It is distracting for students who actually take school seriously and need to use the bathroom for real reasons.” 

Students are now required to leave their backpacks outside with an administrator in front of the H building’s bathrooms because of the recent spike in theft and vandalism. 

Why students feel the need to steal school property for a social media trend, no one knows?

The actions of these students are causing negative repercussions not only for custodial and administrative staff, but also for the eager and scholarly students that are here at SVHS to learn.