Guinea Pigs, Goats & Dogs Inspire Students

Lillyana Petlock, Writer

For eight years I have been madly in love with guinea pigs. My guinea pig, Snowflake, inspired me to make this world a better place not just for me but for her as well.

Recently, she crossed the rainbow – a term guinea pig owners use when their pet passes away. For years she inspired me to give love and affection to this planet. My new guinea pigs, Patches, and Suki have continued to inspire me. In this column, I will be reporting on fellow pet owners and how much their own unique pets have inspired them to be the people today. 

Amelia Lee, a senior, is surrounded by animals at her home. Altogether, she has about 30 animals in her home. Lee has about 15 chickens, 15 goats, a sheep, two cats, two dogs, a fish, and a snake. Out of all those animals, one of them has inspired her life today as she states, “My dog Charlie has inspired me. He is so full of energy and love. He makes me smile every day.” 

A dog that is capable of making a person smile is something that a person would generally need in the world we are living in today. Lee also talks about her goats and how they connect with each other and her family, “I am generally in awe of my goats, they each have such distinct and curious personalities. They form bonds with each other and with us.”