NCS Cross Country

Max Handron and Nick Spanger

As fires ravage Northern California, the sequential smoke has devastated the surrounding areas, jeopardizing the NCS-bound cross country team. Already, the unhealthy air conditions have canceled the VVAL finals, which were planned to be held in Spring Lake.

  Now with the NCS meet on the horizon, the cross country team is confined to practicing in the gymnasium due to the poor air quality during the girls’ varsity basketball practice. This split practice did not yield benefits for either team, as each team created distractions for the other.

  Sophomore Lucas Martindale explains how he was “excited for the upcoming NCS meet” as he wanted to improve his time. Martindale believed the team would perform well against the competition, but was doubtful when questioned about making it to state.

  With air quality exceeding health regulations in Hayward, where the NCS meet was planned on being held, it is now on the brink of being cancelled. If the meet is in fact called off, the league does not plan on rescheduling it for a later date.

  These fires will possibly cause an abrupt and unforeseen end to positive SVHS cross country season.