Winter Tryouts

Brian Boldt, Jack Boydell, and Noah Fruge

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As the winter sports season kicked off for girls and boys basketball, wrestling, and girls and boys soccer, tryouts began on Oct. 29 for all sports.

  After three days of tryouts, basketball teams at all levels were set by Oct. 31. Luke Sendaydiego, junior on varsity, “was pleased with the number of freshmen trying out showing that this basketball program has a bright future. As for myself I feel like tryouts are yet another opportunity to display my skills more than the coaches have already seen [during conditioning]” While Sonoma Valley High joins a new league, Sendaydiego states that he is “not nervous at all, I’m very excited to go above .500 this season with this new team that is abundant with skill… we finna munch out.”

  Reed Hewitt,  junior on varsity, has said he  “will use lunchtime, A+, and Advisory more productively to get homework done. I’ll also use bus time and pregame to get work done.” Annie Neles, senior on varsity, is very excited for this season and can’t wait for the “big game that all the students come to, and destroying Justin.”    

  Ean Schiffman, junior, said everyone makes the wrestling team, but the way to determine if you make varsity is by a “wrestle off.” Schiffman states that he feels “really good about this year and look forward to competing and building our team.” With homework being a big part of school, he will try to “stay on top of it so when I do have less time I don’t have to sacrifice my grades for the team.” He is very excited for “ competitions and the whole team dynamic and jokes.”

  With soccer tryouts going on from Oct. 29 to Nov. 16, Renee Bell, junior, says that there are “a lot of new players” and is nervous about the up and coming season, “playing new teams that are very competitive.” She is most excited to play “against teams that my friends are on.”