Fantasy Sports Find Way Into Classrooms

Jack Boydell, Sports Writer

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Fueled by the growth of an Internet age, fantasy sports have worked their way into both the social and academic life of students at SVHS. Fantasy sports have grown beyond traditional fantasy football, reaching into different sports ranging from basketball to hockey.

  Fantasy sports are based on drafting players in a specific professional sports league, and gaining points on either a daily or weekly basis based on player performance.

  Aidan Griggs-Demmin, a freshman, is in both a soccer and basketball fantasy league and explains that “they serve as a fun extracurricular amongst friends that are not so serious.”  

  Often associated with gambling in adult communities, fantasy sports have evolved into a popular pastime that breeds friendly competition amongst friends.

  Mason Cox, a sophomore, is enduring his first fantasy experience, currently participating in a basketball league amongst friends. Cox mentions that he is “enjoying it,” stressing “the importance of updating your team everyday.”

  As fantasy leagues have become a social construct amongst sports enthusiasts, they have also become a part of SVHS’ math curriculum. In its second year as a course at SVHS, Application of Advanced Math (APPs) incorporated fantasy football into classroom, aiming to teach principles of statistics.

  Jackson Barbagelata, a senior in Mr. Anspach’s APPs class, explains that the class “is all about analyzing stats in sports” and has helped him “find the best players to draft.” Barbagelata also participates in fantasy basketball and football leagues outside of class.

  As fantasy sports infiltrate younger communities, they have become both a social and academic activity at SVHS.