Girls’ Lacrosse with a Year of Ups and Downs


Girls’ lacrosse is going into their second year as a program. The team ended last season with a record of 2-10. This season the Lady Dragons started their season with an unfortunate loss against Novato ending in a score of 14-9. The Lady Dragons put their heads down and got to work before their next matchup. With back-to-back wins against San Rafael (10-4) and Napa (11-2), it was clear the Dragon’s hard work paid off. 

Since the 3-1 run, the Dragons are sitting at 4-7 and are 8th in Vine Valley League. There is a common theme for boys’ and girls’ lacrosse first-year teams to show great signs of improvement with a low win-lose ratio.

The Lady Dragons have shown they can fight battles against programs with at least double the amount of time established and prove they’re not like the rest. Lily Jones, senior, spoke out and said, “The biggest struggle when playing a more experienced program is staying motivated and keeping our head in the game; it’s important to remember we’re just starting out, and we have new people learning every day.”

Nikki Arguello, senior, remarked, “It was hard at first to get the girls to work together due to all the new players, but as the season progresses we continue to build our trust with each other and improve upon our communication.” Overall the team is noticeably improving, as the girls build chemistry with one other.