Boys’ Volleyball: Inaugural Season, Inaugural Win


Courtesy of Vinny Girish

For the first time, boys’ volleyball will be recognized as an official sport at SVHS. It has begun its inaugural season, alongside the other spring sports that are starting up in February and have already secured their first win.

Sam Pierce is the student behind the creation of the team. When asked what prompted him to create the team, Pierce explained that, “when I played volleyball freshman year in P.E. I found it very fun.” Ever since then he took an interest in the sport and began playing competitively a year and a half ago. 

Pierce has been working on bringing a boys team to SVHS for “around two years” and has faced numerous challenges along the way. With boys’ volleyball being unfamiliar to Sonoma, Pierce was unsure of who could help him start up a team. However, he ended up finding connections through the girls’ volleyball team and their coaching staff. 

The boys’ volleyball team played their first ever home game against Analy on Feb. 24. Despite their efforts, they lost in the third set after a hard fought game. 

Following the Analy game, the boys played Branson on Feb.25. They played hard, forcing the game to the fifth set. Unfortunately they lost, but it was an impressive game which demonstrated strong potential from the new team, especially the net game by the Dragons.

This potential was soon realized, as they earned their first victory against San Marin on Feb. 27, starting off strong and never holding back, winning decisively three sets to one, led by Pierce’s attacking skills at outside hitter.

 For the start of a new sport with a largely inexperienced team, the Dragons have shown a drive to grow and improve throughout the rest of the season, getting a handle of the mechanics of the new game. Despite their losses the boys’ volleyball program is gaining excitement for both players and fans, especially with the recent first victory.